West Central Regional Trauma Advisory Council


The West Central RTAC is now a part of the Region 1 Health Care Coalition.  With this move, we have merged with our previous neighboring RTACs (Lake Superior and North Northwest).  The new RTAC Coordinator, Judy Jones can be reached at NNWRTAC@Gmail.com 

To the best of our knowledge, a website is not yet operational for the new RTAC.  Updates can be obtained from the current RTAC Coordinator for region 1.  The previous RTAC Coordinator for the West Central region is still here to assist you with any requests for previous documents or items you may need at wcrtac@yahoo.com  This email will remain active for a short time longer, as the merger continues.

The next Region 1 RTAC meeting will take place on Friday August 7th at 9am at the Lakeview Medical Center in Rice Lake, WI. 

Thank you again to all who made the West Central RTAC a success for so many years.

Central RTAC Mission Statement


The mission of the WC-RTAC is to promote quality and accessible trauma care in Western Wisconsin, Promote Public Safety and injury prevention in our communities and to promote the progression and personal development of itndividual and organizational members through education and system development.

The geographic region of the West Central Regional Trauma Advisory Council (WC-RTAC) includes  all of Pierce, Polk, and St. Croix Counties in Wisconsin.  Hospitals from Barron and Burnett County have designated to the WC-RTAC.  Those three counties also have designated facilities and transport agencies that belong to other RTAC’s.  A transport service from Barron County is included as well as transport services from Eastern Minnesota.  The WC-RTAC’s resource hospital is a level one trauma facility in St. Paul Minnesota.


The WC-RTAC is a non-profit group that promotes trauma education and prevention in western WI. WC-RTAC holds bi-monthly meetings on the third Thursday of odd months at 6:30 pm. 


A representative from the WC-RTAC, in the more recent past the WC-RTAC Coordinator, attends state meetings.  A representative has and is required to attend 75% of these meetings.  These meetings include RTAC Coordinator meeting and STAC (State Trauma Advisory Council).  Other meetings attend at the State level may include:  STAC working committee, Trauma Coordinators, Hospital Registrars, EMSC (Emergency Medical Services for Children), EMS Advisory, and any sub-committee meetings at the state level.


All of the members of WC-RTAC are volunteer and give there time to serve on one or more of the WC-RTAC active committees.  The Executive Council, Performance Improvement, Injury Prevention, and Emergency Preparedness.  All active WC-RTAC members are encouraged to be a member of, at least, one committee. The WC-RTAC is striving to provide timely quality care for trauma patients in the Western Wisconsin area.

The next STAC Meeting will be: June 3rd 2015 at the Great Wolf Lodge in the Wisconsin Dells

For more information on the Wisconson Trauma System please visit there website at: http://www.wisconsintraumacare.org/

Region 1 RTAC Meetings and HCC Meetings

Lakeview Medical Center- Rice Lake Wisconsin
Lower Level Conference Rooms
RTAC Meeting 9am-10am
HCC Meeting 10am-noon

General Membership Meetings for 2014-15

January 16th 2014- Spring Valley EMS Station EMS  Agenda Minutes

March 20th Baldwin Area EMS  Meeting Cancelled

May 15th- Baldwin Area EMS Agenda  Minutes

July 17th - Amery Regional Medical Center  Agenda Minutes

September 18th Spring Valley EMS Station  Agenda

November 20th  Hudson EMS Station Agenda Minutes

January 15th 2015 Burnett Medical Center Agenda Minutes

March 19th 2015 Ready Randy's New Richmond WI Agenda

All scheduled meetings are at 6:30pm, unless indicated otherwise.  Locations to be determined and will be updated as they are confirmed.

Health Care Coalitions

The end of the West Central RTAC is drawing near as we move forward with the new Region 1 RTAC.  A number of very hard working people have been dedicating a large number of hours towards the development of this new change to our regional trauma system.  Although the West Central region is changing as we are added into the family of our partnering systems to the north and east, great things are on the horizon. 

Recently, a group of representatives from our regions met and have started the implementation of a plan to allow the committees in each currently established region to continue working within our communities to maintain some of the structure in place, while allowing us to move forward in a direction that will be supported by our partners in trauma around western Wisconsin.  I encourage and urge all of those that have been working within the system, and any one who wishes to help contribute towards our goals to attend the meetings that are being scheduled.  I will continue to do my best in my role as your coordinator to provide you with information from the state, and our partners in trauma to help build in this success.

PSA Contest Winners Announced!

Winning this years PSA Contest is the team from Amery High School. 

Amery High School Winning team along with staff advisor Josh Gould and the Principal from Amery HS.  Pictured along with Nicole Gullickson- Amery EMS Director, Pam Jenkins- Amery Hospital and Brian Posner- WC RTAC Coordinator

The Runners up this year was the team from Hudson High School:

Hudson High School Runner up team, along with Heidi Hoschka from Hudson Hospital, Kim Eby- St Croix EMS Chief, Marty Jensen- Hudson Chief of Police, and Brian Posner from the West Central RTAC.

Congrats to all of our winners and participants.  This has been a truly amazing success at reaching out to the students and members of our communities!

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All 3 of these videos are also available on the West Central RTACs Youtube Page too! 

The new tool kit (released December 2013) is now available for those interested.  Please contact the West Central RTAC Coordinator for any requests of copies of the CD. 


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